myCADtools goes to SOLIDWORKS World

myCADtools is in DALLAS, Texas What is SOLIDWORKS WORLD ?  “For the next generation of makers, doers and innovators who want to create things that make a difference, SOLIDWORKS World is a collective experience that inspires and activates your capacity to bring to life...

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myCADtools’ story

Moovapps myCADtools: what’s it all about? Since the 2000s,  Visiativ group has been developing SOLIDWORKS tools for CAD designers and engineers to facilitate their daily use of SOLIDWORKS, making them more efficient and productive. MyCADtools is a SOLIDWORKS Gold...

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A gold certified product

myCADtools is a SOLIDWORKS Certified Gold ProductVisiativ Group is proud to announce the SOLIDWORKS Gold Product  certification of myCADtools tools. Included in the myCADservices Premium suite, myCADtools offers over 50 tools integrated into SOLIDWORKS. These tools...

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