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Automatically standardise SOLIDWORKS documents based on your own work rules

Improve quality by standardising your SOLIDWORKS documents and work methods

Integration enables you to standardise your documents. Using custom rules, this tool allows you to check the validity of a set of SOLIDWORKS documents, write an exception report, and make the necessary and desired changes.

Perform operations

According to conditions

Fully customisable

Create custom reports

Connect to PDM vault (requires a myPDMtools license)


The SOLIDWORKS documents you produce come from multiple sources (collaborators, subcontractors, etc.). This tool is essential to ensure the consistency and validity of the data you need to manage.

no  Check a set of SOLIDWORKS documents from custom rules

no  Automatically perform modification operations based on custom conditions and rules

no  Modify the text of an annotation in all documents by replacing a string of characters with another

no Create a custom exception report


With SOLIDWORKS + myCADtools, including Integration

The calculation is simple: in a project of 200 documents that you need to check and modify if necessary, if it takes on average 10 minutes per document, you save more than 30 hours of work!

yes Search for a material by filtering the properties

yes Automatically transfer custom properties of materials to document properties

yes Change angle and scale values for hatching

yes Apply the material to the part

How to automatically lower the blocking bar in all SOLIDWORKS files?

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